How spoiled are our pets?

We are a nation of pet lovers, with 13 million households having at least one pet. Dogs remain the most popular pet in the UK, with cats coming a close second. This is nothing new, but what is surprising how spoilt Britain’s pets actually are!

Our pampered pooches are getting spa treatments, personalised kennels and even doggy watches costing a whopping £3,500! Not many people I know own a watch worth so much.

Chinchillas are the pet most likely to receive a birthday present and 30% of horse owners would buy their beloved pet a valentines gift.

Read on for more shocking statistics – I won’t be letting Toby in on exactly how spoilt he could be – he gets a kitty stocking and some treats at Christmas and thats about it!

Capital One’s Infographic: How much do Brits spend on their pets


This infographic, was taken from dog day care NJ website.