Memories of Mum

Memories of Mum

With Mothers Day almost here, retailers have been reminding us since valentines day and its hard not to think about Mum even more than usual. It’s such a bittersweet time of year, as of course Sophie loves spoiling me, but I can’t help but miss my Mum more than ever. I always feel a twinge of sadness when I think of her and I always will, but I have noticed a definite shift in the way I think about her lately.

Its funny the things that remind me of her, so I decided to share some of those memories with you all. These are so precious to me, memories, that even today with everyone owning a smart phone, could never be captured on camera. Moments between us, that no one else would understand.

Kwik Save

Money was really tight for us when I was a kid, and there was a Kwik Save supermarket just round the corner from us. Mum shopped almost daily to get the best deals and make the money go further. Finding a good ‘whoops’ was a big deal for us. We’d always laugh about it – one of the most special things about Mum was making the best of even the worst situations.

Pom Bear crisps

One of our favourites! We’d always get really excited when they were on offer – it’s very hard to explain the amusement we got from a bag of kids crisps. Luckily, Sophie seems to love them just as much as I do, so it’s not something I’ll be forgetting in a hurry!

5 counties cheese and warm fresh bread

Each Saturday my Grandma would get the bus over from where she lived and we’d all go shopping together – it was a Saturday tradition that we would get some 5 counties cheese and if we were lucky some still warm fresh bread and have it for lunch. I can’t resist fresh bread now, it’s a real taste of childhood!

Driving home with 5 lambs in the car

I have no idea why we did this, or who thought it was acceptable to put 5 lambs in the back of a Volvo estate car, but that’s what we did one day. We raised them and sold them to the butcher – I’ve never eaten lamb since, I used to take them for walks on a lead.


As I said before, money was tight, but Mum did like a drink some evenings. She worked hard that sometimes she just needed it – god I know that feeling some days. As I got older I remember sitting drinking Lambrini with Mum, laughing until we cried. Talking about people we knew, things we had done, who was doing what, and generally having a good gossip. We generally shared opinions of people and the world in general.

What I’d give for just one more glass of Lambrini with her, to tell her all the things that have happened over the last few years. To laugh till we cried and to put the world to rights as only we could. I wonder what she would make of all the changes in the world since she passed away. Despite the arguments, we were so close. We shared a bond that to the outside world didn’t seem as if it existed. But for us it was the strongest thing ever – and time nor distance nor death will ever change that.

Happy Mothers Day Mum, I love you now and always xxx


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  1. Having lost my dad 6m ago, incredibly suddenly and just after his 51st bday, I am dreading father’s day. At this moment i can’t imagine how you feel because i fear it. It’s lovely to see that you can fondly look back (5 lambs?!) and turn mothers day into a time for those cherished memories xx Lovely post
    Joanna Smith recently posted…Never Lose a Teddy Again with Tag-A-TeddyMy Profile

  2. Oh my lovely lady! What a beautiful post.
    P.S. My mum never got out of the habit of buying the “whoops” things, she remains a bargain hunter to this day! x

    Much love to you xx
    Donna @ Little Lilypad Co recently posted…Safety First : Driving Theory Test : Win an iPadMy Profile

  3. Such a moving post Andrea, and what lovely memories. My Mum is also an ultimate bargain hunter!
    Mum of One recently posted…Because You Can’t Toddler-Proof Everything…My Profile

  4. Such a lovely thing to think back and write these memories down. Kwik Save is the one I remember too! I lost my father 17 years ago and over the year how I think about him around Fathers Day has shifted dramatically, I feel less sad and more inspired x
    Mammasaurus recently posted…One day in Normandy with kidsMy Profile

  5. Oh it must be a hard time of the year for you, I can’t imagine how you must feel, but the fact that you always write so warmly about your mum is lovely and you obviously have some amazing memories.
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…Dorset Days #snaptripMy Profile

  6. Oh you have sent me off down memory lane now, it is always the little things isn’t it? Love the lamb story. Thinking of you and you lovley mum xx
    Penny recently posted…She said spread your wings my little butterfly – Little LegacyMy Profile

  7. Oh this is such a lovely post, the memories are so down to earth and real and full of life. I cannot bear to imagine life without my Mum and it must be hard at this time of year. Your Mum sounds like she was a proper smasher xx
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…I Should Be PackingMy Profile

  8. Miss my mum and dad with my whole heart so my heart is feeling your loss and i am so sorry. she sounds great fun and a truly great mum xxx
    Becky recently posted…Daisy Daisy and Dementia FriendsMy Profile

  9. A really beautiful post. We lost my mother-in-law 6 years ago and mother’s day is now a happy and sad time, all at the same time.

    fashion-mommy recently posted…Mother’s Day – a time for memoriesMy Profile

  10. A beautiful post sharing memories of your mum, I can remember shopping in Kwik Save with my mum too.
    Polka Dot Family recently posted…An audience with Sophy HennMy Profile

  11. Oh my gosh, Lambrini! That brings back memories. What a lovely post and I am so sorry you lost your mum so soon.

  12. Lovely post about your mum and the memories from your childhood. We used to shop in kwik save too and I have gotten my children addicted to Pom bear crisps, I love them.
    Gemma stevens recently posted…Through my child’s eyes #3 // A children’s photography link upMy Profile

  13. Hi Andrea, I wish you could share that glass of Lambrini together too and you have reminded me of the 5 counties cheese, I need to order some now! Mich x
    Michelle Twin Mum recently posted…5 Common Hearing Problems in Children, and How They Can Be TreatedMy Profile

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