The heartbreaking times of parenting….

Sophie has been going to preschool since last September, all in all she loves it, always comes home excited to tell me about her day, but just lately she hasn’t been so keen to go. When I drop her off she has started crying and getting upset, clinging onto me for dear life. I listen to her screaming as I leave the building, tears in my eyes, heart in my throat.

But its all for my benefit, the preschool staff have assured me that once I am out of earshot, she stops crying and goes off to play. She still comes home telling me all about her day, excited to show me the pictures she has made. And when I ask her about preschool, she says she enjoys it, but she is going to cry.

So we pulled up in the car today and I say its time for preschool, and she tells me she doesn’t want to go, when I ask her why not

Because I miss you Mummy…

It took everything inside of me not to burst into tears there and then, instead I replied, all choked up, ‘I miss you too, baby, but I will pick you up later and you can have lots of fun with your friends’

I hate to think of my sweet little girl upset, but she knows I will be back for her and she soon settles down after I have left. But I also like knowing that for now she still wants to spend time with me – I imagine the day she doesn’t, when she has her own life and her own friends, will be even more heartbreaking than today.


  1. Aww! It is heartbreaking when they are like that….It just shows how much she loves you!!
    My girls used to be like that….Now they don’t give me a second glace :/
    Kim Carberry recently posted…The World Cup!!My Profile

  2. oh my i have been going through the same thing with my sophie too. she loves school and recently the same thing and it was the same reason too. i wonder why after half a year it developed. I hope your little one gets more confident with less tears too as i know it is a wrench

  3. Kiddies really know how to pull on your heartstrings. Roo, like your Sophie was always good and then suddenly she had a period of unsettleness which passed as quickly as it came. I hope that Sophie will soon settle and you can leave her at pre-school without any worries.
    Boo Roo and Tigger Too recently posted…Numb {Word of the Week}My Profile

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