5 top money making tips in time for Christmas!

5 top money making tips in time for christmas

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Affording Christmas can be a real struggle, especially when you have kids and every other advert on TV is for the latest (terribly overpriced) toy and all the kids say is I want, I want, I want… Then there is the food, the drink, the decorations, the works Christmas do and all the other little indulgences which make Christmas special – it all adds up!

Rather than getting in debt to afford what they want, which can be so stressful and really isn’t worth it, why not follow my top 5 tips to try to get a bit of extra money in before the big day!

5 top money making tips in time for Christmas

  1. Homemade is all the rage right now, so if you have a talent for making anything then embrace it, set yourself up a Facebook page and get out there – perfect if you have young children at home as you can work around school runs and bedtime routines (don’t forget you will need to set yourself up as self employed for this!)
  2. Selling unwanted goods can be so difficult, especially with postage costs so high right now, so sending CD’s, clothes and DVD’s all to one place, with free postage is a great solution.
  3. Start collecting all your loose change in a jar – it really does add up, especially if you start again  – ok, it’s not exactly ‘making’ money, but you really won’t notice it!
  4. There are loads of survey websites around which you can earn either vouchers, or cash from. If you have a bit of spare time they are worth having a go.
  5. Make sure you cash in any points you have from supermarkets – look out for double points events and pick up gifts then, or save them up to do you big Christmas shop with.

Hopefully these tips will help with the financial aspect of Christmas, however they probably won’t help with tipsy relatives and getting the turkey cooked in time!!

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  1. I’ll really attempt to give more homemade gifts this Christmas. Not only because they’re cheaper, but also because I love receiving them. They do show you that the person that gives them to you has really put some thought and effort into it, don’t you think?

    Altogether some great money making tips: I had no clue people would pay me for my old clothes. Time for some serious wardrobe-wrestling, I think 😉
    Carolin recently posted…Chicken bacon and rice bake recipeMy Profile

  2. My other half is forever shedding money when he sits down – coppers and upwards!
    I collect them all and spend them at asda, in the self-checkouts at the two near us there is a big bucket where you can put in handfuls at a time, rather than feeding in every coin. It’s much easier than counting it out, and cheaper than using those self-count machines which charge you 10% or more. And always a pleasant surprise to pay £10 or £15 less on my weekly shop!
    Jen recently posted…Malory Towers Castle CakeMy Profile

  3. I’m making jam and chutneys for Christmas presents this year. We’ve got lots of windfall apples and I have frozen blackberries. They make lovely gifts and they are fairly cheap – just the cost of sugar really.

  4. I did a huge clear out recently and did a car boot sale and sold dvd’s.
    The clothes comment is interesting tho ……
    Donna @ Little Lilypad Co recently posted…Finding funds for family festivitiesMy Profile

    • Andrea @ love and cake

      I always find clothes difficult to sell – they normally end up at the charity shop, so this is a great idea!

  5. I’m toying with a totally homemade Christmas – what do you think – doable ?!
    Mammasaurus recently posted…24. How Does Your Garden Grow?My Profile

    • Andrea @ love and cake

      I would LOVE to do that! This year I will be making some cushion covers, bunting, Sophie’s advent calender, some gifts (which I did last year too and everyone loved them), as well as lots and lots of baking 🙂

  6. I’m intending on making homemade cards this year too. Great tips.
    pinkoddy recently posted…The Isle of Skye Twinned with SkylandersMy Profile

  7. Great tips! We have a supermarket credit card so we really rack up the points which is great for extra treats or money off the shopping.
    Jennifer recently posted…How to make a simple Piñata Birthday CakeMy Profile

  8. I’m definitely trying more homemade stuff this year. I’m going foraging this weekend to try and get loads of autumn berries and crab apples to make jellies and jams to go with the cakes I’m baking!

  9. I try and make as much as I can , it’s so much nicer.

    • Andrea @ love and cake

      Definitely, I think most people prefer to receive home made gifts with lots of thought and time put into them.

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