Top tips for booking last minute holiday deals

Well, I think that’s it, summer is well and truly over – but there’s no denying its been a great summer for the weather. So if winter blues have kicked in and you’re missing the summer sun already, then how about looking into booking a late deal for the October half term?

Last Minute Holiday deals

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There are some great last minute holiday deals around and after all, some winter sun could really be the break we need from the forecasted winter weather we are due. Follow my guide to booking your holiday for a fuss free family holiday that everyone can enjoy.

Top tips for booking last minute holiday deals

  • Decide on your budget and stick to it. Don’t forget to include things like transport to and from the airport and car parking – these can soon eat into your holiday spending money if you don’t budget for them.
  • Ask each member of the family what they want most out of the holiday – your ideal holiday might be lounging on the beach, but the children might be more interested in water parks. By choosing a holiday village you could have the best of both worlds and keep the whole family happy
  • When booking winter holidays always check the average temperature for the resort you want to go, and make sure it is warm enough to be able to do the activities you want to do.
  • If you are planning on spending lots of time in the hotel, then consider going all-inclusive, it may sometimes seem expensive, but when you consider everything you would spend on food, drinks and ice cream during your holiday it can actually save you money – and you haven’t got to worry about how much you are spending all the time.
  • If being out and about and visiting places is more your thing then think about booking self catering.
  • Ask each family member to pick one ‘must do’ activity or day out that you will all do together so everyone gets to do something they like
  • Make sure your passports are in date – don’t forget that you must have 6 months remaining on your passport to travel.

Hopefully by following these few tips the whole family can have a stress free and enjoyable holiday – after all we all know how difficult stroppy kids of any age can be.

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