Lollibop 2013 and the Skylanders Arena


I was so excited to be supplied with complimentary tickets for Lollibop this year. With a fantastic line up I knew we would have loads to do! Lollibop is made up of several different areas, one of which is the Skylanders Arena.

The Skylanders Arena


As we approached the arena there were lots of excited shouts from children running up to it! It certainly appeared to be a popular attraction at Lollibop. For those who don’t know Skylanders is a range of action figures, which can be linked and interact with video games across a number of platforms. Tweens seem to love it, and I am pretty sure at that age I would have loved it too.

In the Skylanders Arena at Lollibop there were four demo stations each with 5 consoles available to have a go on the game and although the area was busy, there didn’t appear to be too many people waiting to go on. In addition to this there was an area where children could design and draw their own Skylander character and enter it into a competition which was judged later on in the day. There was also a tournament going on while we were there, with someone commentating, it was very lively and everyone was cheering for the children playing and there was also a shop where you could purchase you own Skylanders games and figures. Everyone in the area seemed to be enjoying themselves.

What else was going on at Lollibop?

There was so much to see and do at Lollibop apart from the Skylanders Arena. For Sophie’s age group (shes 2 for anyone who doesn’t regularly read my blog!) there was plenty, there was a Little Tykes Town – a play area consisting of loads of Little Tykes toys and the Duplo area, which had huge boxes full of Duplo, as well as sets on display, Sophie really enjoyed herself in here. Wow toys also had a stand with lots of tables for the children to play at and the 3ft and under area had baby sensory and toddler sensory sessions going on, as well as cake decorating and a soft play area. All of these areas were pretty quick to get into with minimal queuing. There were also characters throughout the park, which Sophie loved having cuddles with! Sophie was also excited to see Katie from ‘I can cook’ on stage in the kitchen area.

Scattered throughout the festival Parentdish had several ‘Imagination Stations’ where children could make different things, from decorating rubber ducks, to windmills, to scarves! There were a few trade stalls, but one thing I did like was that there were few enough that you weren’t being encouraged to buy something every 2 minutes – especially good if you have kids slightly older than Sophie. There were story telling tents, a nice chill out zone called The Meadows, which was a much appreciated break away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Lollibop and of course the main stage! We did try to get close enough to see Justin Fletcher, who Sophie loves, but unfortunately it was way too packed and we hadn’t got there early enough. The beach area was also nice and relaxing, with beach games going on throughout the day – we arrived to see pillow fighting!

One of my very favourite areas was the National Geographic Tent. Brilliantly decorated we visited later on when it was quieter and arrived just in time to see the ‘Gorillas’. Obviously not real gorillas, they were actually very realistic in their characteristics and Sophie loved them. There was a woman dressed up as a ranger and she told the children all about them.

What did we think of Lollibop?

All in all we had a brilliant day at Lollibop, but a lot of the activities aimed at older children had massive queues. With Sophie’s age there was nothing which she had been pestering to see or do, but I would imagine if you had slightly older children this could have been a problem. There were huge queues for the face painting and all the character meet and greets, and although you expect things such as this to be busy, I also think there would have been a lot of disappointed children who didn’t get to do the things they wanted! We just wandered around and did the things which we saw that weren’t too busy and it made for a lovely day out for us, Sophie had a ball!

If there are specific things you want to do I would recommend getting there really early or staying late when it’s slightly quieter.

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We were provided with complimentary tickets for Lollibop, however all views and opinions are our own.



  1. Looks like a fabulous day. I really might look into it for Amy next year. And check out Sophie cuddling with the bear, she’s so brave x

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  3. Love reading all the different reviews, we didn’t even really go in the Skylanders bit as it’s not something that we know about (although we did like the free sweeties being handed out just outside!) but it sounds great!. I’m glad that you had a nice day, and thanks for linking to me 🙂
    Jennifer recently posted…Review – Stickygram Instagram magnetsMy Profile

  4. Roo especially loved the Skylanders enclosure, I think she could have spent all day there if I would have let her.

  5. I really wanted to go this year, but missed it again. Sounds like fun. x

  6. We had an amazing day and my children are slightly older but didn’t mind passing things that were really busy – there was so much to see elsewhere. Great tip to go later, by 3pm on Sunday it was half empty – linked to you xx
    Emily recently posted…Lollibop 2013…My Profile

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