When did Sophie get so grown up?

I have been debating for a long time now whether or not to put Sophie into preschool. I have gone over and over in my head the pros and cons of it, and to be honest, the only cons I can think of are totally selfish ones – basically that it means my little baby is no longer a baby! Its seems like yesterday that we bought her home from the hospital, unable to fend for herself, yet now she is this independent little person, who knows what she wants, how to do things and who to get to do them if she can’t!



I have always felt as if Sophie was missing out a bit with not having regular contact with children her own age, and I think this will be the main benefit for her, learning about social skills and how to interact with others, while Mummy isn’t there. It will also gently break her into the world of routine – we tend to have a set bedtime and mealtimes, but that’s about it, we get up in a morning and we can take our time, there’s no urgency to get ready and get out – so having to be at pre-school for a set time will be a good lesson for her to learn ahead of school. On top of that there are all the fun things she will get to do that I tend to avoid at home – play doh, painting, messy play etc.

So off we went lat week to look round a local preschool. As I chatted to the manager, Michael wandered off with Sophie, but he soon managed to join us, as she had gone to play! She seemed right at home immediately, despite there being a very raucous dance session going on! The manager answered any questions we had, and we quickly made the decision that we should enroll her there. We had previously looked round other preschools, but we hadn’t been keen.

So that’s it, come September my little girl will be starting a whole new chapter in her life – one that I am not involved in! As excited as I am for her and whats to come, I am also sad for me.



  1. i put my Sophie into preschool at 2 and a half and it was the best thing ever i did for her in a few weeks she will be 4 and she is a very social being and has learnt so many skills above and beyond what i thought she would and has blossomed into a little lady with confidence. Its going to be weird the first time you drive off but your soon get used to it and before you know it its time for pick up time.

  2. Bless your heart… children grow way way too fast!
    Preschool was good for my daughter, I missed her so so much though!! Its hard at first but gets easier over time. The hardest for me was when my older 2 sons left home! Now THAT is hard!!

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