The story behind All You Need is Love and Cake

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A lot of people have asked me lately why I chose my blog name. Most people assume that it is purely a food blog, which my regular readers will know just isn’t true. The truth is it was about my own state of mind at the time I began writing. …

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My Week – 19th July 2015

If I could use just one word to sum up the last week it would be emotional. On Monday I received Sophie’s final nursery report and I cried. I am so proud of how much she has changed and all that she has achieved this year. I am so proud …

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The relaunch of Bratz #bratzisback

In 2001 Bratz were first launched. They were an immediate hit with young girls, becoming the top selling toy for 3 years running. Bratz were very cutting edge, with up to date fashions and moving away from the stereotypical doll – they wanted to give the message that girls can …

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Top 10 free days out with kids to help you survive the summer.

top 10 free days out with kids

  The summer holidays are looming – some of your children may have already broke up, and the rest will follow in the next week or so and as we all know having the kids at home all day every day is expensive. The dread of the inevitable ‘I’m bored’ …

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My Week – 12th July 2015

We had a little breakthrough this week. For ages now Sophie has refused to sleep without the bathroom light on, so it lets some light into her room. Its a bit annoying to be honest, but I have tried all sorts and nothing has placated her. Until now! You may …

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Dear Mum and Dad

I often wonder what you would think of me now, the choices I’ve made and the paths I’ve taken. Dad – its been 6 and a half years since you were suddenly taken from us. It came as a huge shock and it took me a long time to start …

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