26 books challenge

26 Books Challenge

I recently decided to try out the 26 books challenge with a few friends. I haven’t read anything for a while now, it seems I never have the time, but I miss reading. It gets me away from the screen and relaxes me before bed. The 26 Books Challenge is …

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Declutter your home before moving

As you know, we recently moved house – when I say recently it was actually 2 months ago now, but everything here still feels new and although it is rapidly turning into our home, it has taken some adjusting. We still have boxes unpacked and ‘dumping grounds’ in certain rooms. …

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Slimming World Update – 7 weeks on

Its now been 7 weeks since I embarked on my Slimming World journey. Having done the diet before I knew what it entailed and so I was able to get straight on with it. Within a month I had lost a stone, which was an amazing boost for me! My …

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Ravensberger Colourful Selection Jigsaw Review

I was recently sent this lovely Colourful Selection jigsaw from Ravensberger, to review. Full of different patterns and pictures it really appealed to me. Its always nice looking at pretty things isn’t it? I do like a bit of a challenge when doing jigsaws, and I actually thought this one …

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Turkey and bacon risotto

turkey and bacon risotto

Right before Christmas we had a bit of a change in plans. Due to a family illness we ended up with a few more people for Christmas dinner than we had anticipated and one of them had already begun defrosting their Christmas turkey, so it made sense to use that …

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Why dating is just like a job interview

Have you ever thought about it? They are pretty similar right? And here are just a couple of reasons why: But of course, the most similar thing is this And as it is almost Valentines day it would be a good idea to find out peoples most awkward dating moment. …

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